North Russia and Lapland    14-17.8.2017  the Wild East



 So it starts again in August. We arrange a tour to northern Russia Kola area at 14-17.8.2017

The tour will lead us from Finland deep in to the Kola region and Karelia in Russia .The tour will be connected to one of the northernmost biker meeting "Jänkhällä Jytisee 2015". BMW has for years offered the latest models for testdrive at the biker event.

In Russia we expect bad tarmac,  endless gravel roads and zero cars. That which will make a GS rider to smile wider. We will visit some remote fisher villages at the coast of the White Sea and the northernmost desert, the Kuzomen desert. It's not a beach, it's a real desert. We will spend a day in the northern  methropole  Murmansk.

Price: 790€ with own bike, with our rental bike 1300€

here is a video from 2014Tour: