Arctic Circle to North Cape Nordkapp  - in 5 days

In summer at the Arctic Circle the sun does not sink below the horizon, this phenomenon is known as the midnight sun. Take advantage of it and experience the unspoiled nature at night. Imagine, motorcycling around the clock, a true paradise for motorcyclists. Far from annoying traffic jams, here you can experience the fun of riding a motorcycle - just you, a motorcycle and the amazingly pure Lappish nature around you. The ”everymansright” in Finland relates also to foreign guests and allows you to freely camp in Lapland's wilderness.

The Nordic countries are one of the quietest, safest and most peaceful corners of the world. This has now been confirmed by the Global Peace Index. For this reason, you can enjoy your holiday for what it should be - relaxing and recharging ones batteries. Visit the northernmost point of mainland, drive trough the secret old post road of Alta. 












1.Day: Arrival at the Arctic Circle

Fly to Rovaniemi. The motorcycles are waiting for you at the airport. Together we can discuss the tour.

2. Day : Rovaniemi - Hetta

Along the river Ounasjoki you will drive towards the north. After a nearly 350km  you will arrive to the northern region of Lapland, Hetta. Hetta is a old Sámi village. The Sámi are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia and their main income is reindeer herding. 

3. Day:Hetta - North Cape Nordkapp

After a short drive you will cross the boarder to Norway and enter the mountain area. As a tip: the BMW bikes are unstoppable and love gravel roads, so take after Kautokeino a turn to left on the old postal road of Alta. The old gravel roads takes you over the high plains and trough small rivers towards Alta. On the E69 you will drive ahead the final destination, the northernmost point of mainland Europe, North Cape Nordkapp. Which actually is located on Magerøyan island. The North Cape tunnel is free of chrage since summer 2012. 

4. Day: North Cape Nordkapp - Ivalo 

From one the northernmost Cities of the World Honningsvåg you will drive around 400km to Ivalo.about 350km no traffic coming towards you but some reindeers or Moose might cross your road. Hotel located directly on the riverbank. Bathing in Lake Inari also possible, CAUTION it is very cold even in summer. Inari Lake is the largest lake in Europe with 380 islands. 

5. Day: Ivalo- Rovaniemi

The last day you will enjoy the cousy ride back to Rovaniemi, 350km on almost on traffic free roads through forests and lakes.