Lofoten and North Cape - Norway

In summer at the Arctic Circle the sun does not sink below the horizon, this phenomenon is known as the midnight sun. Take advantage of it and experience the unspoiled nature at night. Imagine, motorcycling around the clock, a true paradise for motorcyclists. Far from annoying traffic jams, here you can experience the fun of riding a motorcycle - just you, a motorcycle and the amazingly pure Lappish nature around you. The ”everymansright” in Finland relates also to foreign guests and allows you to freely camp in Lapland's wilderness.

The Nordic countries are one of the quietest, safest and most peaceful corners of the world. This has now been confirmed by the Global Peace Index. For this reason, you can enjoy your holiday for what it should be - relaxing and recharging ones batteries. Visit the northernmost point of mainland Europe North Cape and also the magical Lofoten.














 1.Day: Arrival at the Arctic Circle

Fly to Rovaniemi. The motorcycles are waiting for you at the airport. Together we can discuss the tour.

2. Day : Rovaniemi - Ivalo

On the E75 north to Ivalo, about 350km no traffic coming towards you but some reindeers or Moose might cross your road. Hotel located directly on the riverbank. Bathing in Lake Inari also possible, CAUTION it is very cold even in summer. Inari Lake is the largest lake in Europe with 380 islands.

3. Day: Ivalo - Kirkenes

As a tip: drive along the lake Inari on the E75 and then the 971 to Kirkenes, 350 KM, Great Route, Hotel in Kirkenes. 30 km north of Kirkenes is the St. Paul's shelf next to the Russian border, you are now in the Barents Sea at the easternmost point of Norway 69 ° 47'06 .48 "North and 30 ° 48'19 .85" East. The small church was built by King Olav at victory against Napoleon. Landscape is always Karger.


4. Day: Kirkenes Lakselv

Carry on on the road E6, and then on the 98 always to the coast west to Lakselv about 360KM. It goes up and down from 0-500m, landscape alternately, super streets

5. Day: Lakselv North Cape

On the E6 and E69 about 200KM North Cape. The scenery is simply stunning. The 7 km long and about 150m below sea level located tunnel is impressive. You logg into a hotel in Honningsvag, in the port are lying cruise ships and ships of the Hurtigruten. In the afternoon visit a small fishing village Giesvär, Great streets, lunch Stock Fish / fish stew and a light beer. Start at 23 a clock about 30KM to the North Cape to see the midnight sun.Der northernmost point of Europe at 71 ° 10'23 .85 Nord. The entryfee is on the parking area costs 18, - € but is definitely worth it. The rock with the wire ball is quite unique.


6. Day: North Cape - Alta

From Nordkapp / Honnigsväg it goes southward on the E69 and E6 about 220KM to Alta. Alta has three city centers, as it is somewhat difficult to find the hotel. There is ta Museum which has rock paintings from approximately 2,000 to 6,000 years old. The tour is about 2KM long.

7.Day: Alta - Tromsø

From Alta it is going on the E6/E8 and 2 times on a ferry boat about 320km towards Tromsø. The scenery is just amazing. Hotel Amalia in the center is great, Tromso is located on an island connected by a scenic bridge. The city celebrates two weeks long Midsummerfestival, it is mostly fully sold out. There are plenty of great restaurants and Pups. Tromso is a great city.

8. Day: Tromsö- Lofoten

Of Tromso you drive on the E6 E10 along the Lofoten Islands and the capital of Lofoten Svolvaer . Lofoten are a group of islands off the coast of Norway, consisting of about 80 islands. The landscape is reminiscent of the Alps, the water is salty and minke whales swim in it.

9. Day: Lofoten -Narvik

An island tour with a visit to a small fishing village, the scenery is breathtaking . At 16 a clock a ferry ride 2 1/4 hours over to Skutvik, on the direction of 81 E6 and again on a ferry going towards Narvik. The weather and the panoramic view is simply superb. Check-in Narvik today it was over 420km to supper. Hotel is a dream, brand new with a super breakfast buffet.

10. Day : Narvik -Pajala

Great breakfast, small sightseeing tour in Narvik. On the road to Pajala in Sweden it's about 360KM still in the mountains, then it will slowly towards Kiruna become more flat. Kiruna is a mining town, not beautiful, but with very good coffee and a beautiful wooden church. From Kiruna to Narvik there is the northernmost railway in the world. They transport the iron ore on the railroad track to the ice-free port of Narvik. The loading and unloading of ships and train is fully automatic. The trip goes through the E10/E45 and 395 to Pajala. Break in a moose park, pretty big creatures.

11. Day: Pajala - Rovaniemi

you will drive on the 403 through forests and along rivers 180KM back to Rovaniemi airport.